B G S S c h o o l

On May 11, Year 5 students performed

„The Best Grandpa“ in front of the large audience. The author and the director of the stage version, made after Guram Dochanashvili’s famous fairytale, was Rusudan Mamporia, who had taken into account the age and the artistic abilities of the students.

The performance was rich in musical pieces – the songs learned during the music classes (supervised by Tamar Shengelia), and dances (supervised by Giorgi Kokeladze). It’s noteworthy that the students themselves (supervised by Nino Tsitsishvili and Khatuna Pipia) took an active part in making the settings.

The integrated projects of the kind develop the imagination and the creative thinking skills in students, as well as the sense of belonging and team-work. We congratulate Year 5 with their success!