B G S S c h o o l

On Monday, February 24, BGS introduced a British Tradition: 

‘A Pancake Race’ usually held in schools in England at the start of Lent, competitors have to run with a pancake in a pan, and flip it as they race!

There were two heats, watched by all junior students and the final was won by sport instructor Guranda Chichinadze, narrowly beating Grade 4Alpha teacher Nino Basilashvili.

Two groups participated in a race

Group I

  1. Tekla Macharashvili
  2. Nino Basilashvili
  3. Nato Mdinaradze

Group II

  1. Marika Chkhartishvili
  2. Guranda Chichinadze
  3. Irina Pataridze