B G S S c h o o l

Our annual graduation was held

on June 9th to congratulate our oldest and youngest graduates; Year 12’s were congratulated on completion of their school career and Year 1’s were congratulated on successfully passing their first year of school life.

Graduation was celebrated by various performances and speeches. BGS dance ensemble and singing choir performed Georgian traditional dances and songs. Our Year 6 students staged Marionette play with puppets that they designed themselves. Overall, BGS community gathered in Tbilisi Marriott to celebrate yet one more successful academic year!

Graduation Speakers:
  • Dr. Christopher Greenfield – Emeritus Headmaster
  • Dr. Eka Kvachantiradze – Headmistress
  • Beso Chikvinidze – Year 12 Form Teacher
  • Ruso Dushuashvili and Nata Khatiashvili – Commencement speakers
  • Masho Jmukhadze – Former BGS student

Speakers addressed graduates with congratulations, warm wishes for future lives, BGS memories, and advice. Year 12 graduates were congratulated by three of their former classmates, currently continuing their studies in different parts of the world. Masho surprised her classmates not only with her congratulations but also with Sandro’s and Elene’s short speeches, from UK and Netherlands.

“The more time passes, the more I appreciate our school and teachers. I want you to tell our classmates, from the small experience that I have, that nowhere in the world they will find the kind of warmth and friendship that we have in Georgia. Words cannot describe how proud I am right now of every single one of you. I love and support you very much, and I cannot wait to see all of you.”Elene Tsaguria
„In my life of 18 years, I have attended 4 schools, I have met and acquainted with many people, but never, not even once, I have encountered guys like these sat right before you. I am proud to have been a part of this astounding class even though it was just for a mere 3 years… This is my family, and I am sure we will retain this status for good. Congratulations guys, I hope you still consider me a part of BGS’s class of 2017. I love you all.“Aleksandre Gorgadze
„I will never be able to fully express my love for you, neither with words, nor with actions, but I truly want to thank every single person that I spent these three and more years with. I know this friendship will last forever and I am grateful for that. There is nothing more to say – Thank you.“Masho Jmukhadze