New rules of behavior for the students in the process of distant teaching

Our lives have been radically changed since COVID-19 pandemic and self-isolation conditions.

Teenagers and children find it very hard to handle this uncontrollable situation.

According to psychologists it is essential to set new rules and regulations in order to make students feel more related to school and education.

BGS administration and the whole team created the list of rules for students` behavior in the online classes to make the lessons more effective.

The new regulations have been introduced to the students of all stages.

It was also explained to them that with the help of those new regulations students would greatly benefit in avoiding post-traumatic stress.

  1. The students must be online 2 minutes earlier before the class.
  2. Each student must have their real names on profiles (no nicknames or anything else).
  3. The camera must be on.
  4. If the student is online with the switched off camera, the cover should be empty, i.e. without any pictures or photos.
  5. Not any kind of virtual background is permitted.
  6. Neither TV nor any other apparatus must be on in the room.
  7. The student must be alone in the room during the online classes (nobody else should be walking or making noise there).
  8. No eating the classes (breaks between the periods are quite enough for that).
  9. The student must deliver homework at the specific time and in the specific form set by the teacher. If the homework is not done/sent in time, the teachers will give the student mark “1”. The homework not delivered in time will not be checked.
  10. The student must look accurate (dressed properly, with no hoodies on).
  11. The student must have all necessary materials (books, pens, etc.) next to them on their desks.
  12. It is preferable for the student to listen to the lesson with earphones.
  13. In case of violation of the above rules at three classes in a row, the student will be removed from the lesson by the teacher of the subject (each violation will be indicated in the e-journal).