May 6 Charity Fair

May 6 Charity Fair

It’s been 7 year already, that a charity fair is being held in our school in May, on St. George’s day.

This is very special, fun and useful day for BGS, and the whole school participates in it.

We are helping our little friend Tsotne Mikutishvili. Tsotne is a very talented young artist who creates great paintings.

This day is traditionally dedicated to the memory of our student Nika Meskhi and Nika’s parents and friends are also participating in this event annually.

We would like to thank the volunteer participants of the fair: Zaliko Sulakauri, Illusionist Grizzl, Nukha Chivadze (facial painting), Ms. Ketevan Ghoghoberidze and of course all BGS members and generous parents.