Happy St. George’s Day!

გილოცავთ გიორგობას!

St. George’s day is always special for BGS. This year, on November 23rd, the school was on holiday but the day was still marked on the following day with two fun activities for our students: an intellectual competition (What? Where? When?) and a chess tournament. Both competitions turned out to be pretty tense and interesting. We would like to thank the organizers of the activities and the teachers who submitted challenging questions.

Our congratulations to the winner teams!

Junior High winner team members:
  • Tazo Sudadze (the captain);
  • Mari Siradze;
  • Mariam Kemertelidze;
  • Nikoloz Datiashvili.
Senior winner team members:
  • Saba Shelia (the captain);
  • Keti Khaadze;
  • Nesi Mebuke ;
  • Ana-Maria Tetradze;
  • Elene Benashvili.
Chess tournament winners:

Nika Mebuke – first place!
Elene Benashvili, Nika Tkemaladze – second places!