About Us

St. George’s Georgian-British SChool  in Tbilisi was established as the first British-oriented Secondary School in 2003, under the name of British Connection. In 2013, it was renamed St. George’s British-Georgian School, which is already an international institution consisting of all stages: Primary School (Key stage 1 and 2), Basic School (Key stages 3 and 4) and Secondary school (6th form).


Our Partners

St. George’s Georgian-British SChool is the only registered member of the international examination organization – Pearson Edexcel International Examination Center – in Georgia and enjoys the right to conduct (iPrimary), international certificate (IGCSE) and university entrance (A Level) exams for its students without leaving the country, on its own territory.

The Emeritus Headmaster writes…


Three years is a long time!During the last three years the global Covid pandemic has kept me away from Tbilisi. Can you imagine my joy at, once again, being in Georgia, and in BGS, in February? My visit lasted two weeks, so I was kept pretty busy, moderating the results of the  trial examinations, checking on new teachers, and meeting parents. I also enjoyed holding several assemblies for all parts of the school.

And what have I found on my return to BGS? Not only rows and rows of ceramic versions of hats (produced by our juniors) that could have been worn by the late Queen, but lots more enthusiastic students at all levels in the school. The standard of English has risen remarkably – for the first time I was able to hold my Grade III and Grade VI Assemblies without the aid of an interpreter to ensure everyone understood my English. I found teachers working hard to adopt British teaching methods to boost learning outcomes.The results of the trial (mock) examinations are promising.

I hope it will not be another three years before I can return! If and when I do, I shall be expecting standards of achievement to be even higher!