About Us

St. George’s Georgian-British SChool  in Tbilisi was established as the first British-oriented Secondary School in 2003, under the name of British Connection. In 2013, it was renamed St. George’s British-Georgian School, which is already an international institution consisting of all stages: Primary School (Key stage 1 and 2), Basic School (Key stages 3 and 4) and Secondary school (6th form).


Our Partners

St. George’s Georgian-British SChool is the only registered member of the international examination organization – Pearson Edexcel International Examination Center – in Georgia and enjoys the right to conduct (iPrimary), international certificate (IGCSE) and university entrance (A Level) exams for its students without leaving the country, on its own territory.

Headmistress informs us


Congratulations on the new academic year!

We were all excited to be back at school on September 15.
We were able at last to return to the classrooms fully resumed the educational process. We start the new school year with a lot of innovations: a new logo, a renovated school building and yard, the opening of a preschool, and different, very interesting offers for the senior students.
Dr. Christopher Greenfield, our Emeritus Head from Great Britain, also joined the solemn mood of the whole school team.
We congratulate old and new BGS students, teachers and parents on the start of the 2022-2023 academic year! We are convinced that this year will be as successful as all previous years.
All students and some teachers spent good amount of time outside the classrooms. Outings included field trips, educational trips, visits to theater, to concerts… they all seemed to enjoy it all!! We hope to see all students and staff members on November 7 at 09:00 refreshed, well-rested and full of energy to successfully complete the other, 7 week part of the semester