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Welcome from Headmistress Eka Kvachantiradze

Striving for permanent development and innovations, BGS enjoys the status of one of the most successful schools both locally and internationally.
This is confirmed by the success of our graduates who study at the leading universities of Georgia, Britain, Continental Europe and the USA.
The bilingual (Georgian and British) programme of the school is perfectly acceptable for a multinational contingent of students.
By combining and universalising the local and British international curricula, the school provides its students with a highly academic education and two Certificates (National and International) of Secondary Education.
Apart from iPrimary and GCSE/IGCSE exams, BGS prepares its students to take A-Level exams that are internationally valid for admission to the universities worldwide, and gives them the opportunity to take these exams locally, in their own school, which is one of the British International Examination Centers of Pearson-Edexcel.
BGS has developed a modified programme for the foreign students at the primary stage to easily adapt them to the Georgian-speaking environment, and help them master the British programme.
BGS offers students modern innovative teaching methods, making the learning process interesting and enjoyable.
In order to instill in students the correct system of values and improve their thinking skills, BGS carries out various projects (creative writing, dialogues, a club of profound thinking, etc.), which is a guideline for them in the conditions of an immense amount of information.
The school is located in the city center, namely in the Saburtalo district, but it is a kind of “Eco-Island” surrounded by forests and separated from the noisy traffic of the capital.
By choosing BGS, you provide your children with a guaranteed successful future and gaining the right system of values.
Come visit us and see for yourself!

Welcome from Emeritus Head Christopher Greenfield

In more than 35-years as an Educationalist I have taught at, or inspected, schools in USA, UK, East and West Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, as well as the Caucasus. In the context of this wide experience, I have no doubt that St George’s British Georgian School (BGS) is an excellent school, and the best of its kind in Georgia.

BGS offers Georgian and International students a curriculum combining the Georgian and English National Curricula. It uses Georgian and British teaching and learning practices to produce excellent student results.
It is not just the qualifications that make BGS an exceptional school. It is the quality of the education. This goes beyond memorising facts, to helping students think critically and apply knowledge effectively to gain valuable transferable skills. Additionally, we encourage our students to develop into mature and responsible young adults.
These benefits are typical of international education and will be a big help to our students no matter where they work or study in their futures.
To gain an international standard education without leaving Georgia, or abandoning its national qualifications, come to BGS!
Visit us and see for yourself – you are welcome! Christopher Greenfield Headmaster BGS 2013-16
Emeritus Head BGS since 2018

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